P4: The four key elements to creating great advisory firm cultures.

Advisory firms who prepare their employees to succeed, who tie employee compensation to the success of the firm, who create a flexible and supportive work environment, and supply the tools necessary for employees to excel at their jobs, create great employees, who in turn, create great businesses.
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  • Culture Development

    Create a work environment that prepares and trains you and your employees for business growth.

  • Lifestyle Benefits

    Design lifestyle benefits that provide employees motivation and balance between their working and personal lives.

  • Compensation Packages

    Thoughtful compensation packages and incentive structures that connect employees to firm goals.

Training Overview

  • 1

    How to Use Beyond U Growth Training Platform

    • Video: Understanding the Beyond U Growth Training Platform

  • 2

    Introduction: P4 + Training Great Employees

    • P4 White Paper

    • Video: Introduction to P4 - Creating and Training Great Employees

    • Video: Are P4 Firms More Successful?

    • Video: Does P4 save you time?

    • P4 Presentation

  • 3

    The P4 People Principals

    • Video: PREPARATION

    • P4 Culture Implementation Process

    • Video: PAY

    • Pay: Salary Tables for Building Employee Focused Cultures

    • Video: PERKS

    • Employee Values Worksheet

    • Video: Productivity

    • Advisor Training Program Outline

  • 4

    Implementation Checklist

    • Implementation Checklist for Building Effective P4 Growth Cultures

  • 5

    Extras: More Tools and Templates

    • Diamond Teams: Best Practice Organization Chart

    • Employee Performance Assessment Tools

    • Lifestyle Benefit Programs Template Guide Book

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