Special Message from Our Founder & CEO

Over the past 17 years in my consulting business, Angie Herbers & Company, many clients have asked us to package together additional training, events, assessments, tools and templates to help advisory firms grow. In response to these requests, my team and I dedicate our creative energy to building and sharing those resources for financial advisory firms.

Powered by Beyond U Inc., our training technology platform, we have created the only independent online training platform that is dedicated to providing financial advisors with business training videos and complimentary tools to influence business growth. Our overarching mission is to preserve and spread growth and management training across the advisory industry.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we are confident that a curious mind with a drive to grow an advisory firm will find what they need within our training platform. If you would like to get started, you can begin by downloading these complimentary growth tools.

Keep learning,

Angie Herbers, Founder & CEO

Complimentary Training

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    Printable PDF Growth Tools

    • Understanding Business Growth

    • Organizing Chart of Accounts

    • Understanding Advisory Business Structures

    • Developing an Effective Prospective Client Sales Process

    • Sales vs Marketing Education

    • Compensation by Position Table

    • 360 Employee Performance Assessment

    • Culture Guide Sample

    • Advisory Firm Job Descriptions

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    Training Programs

    • Current Training Programs